Enjoy Spring with Less Accidents

Let us be mindful and avoid common Spring Accidents

It is time for Spring cleaning such as house deep cleaning and yard work. Let us be mindful and avoid common spring accidents from Rusty cuts to snake bites. Here’s what to do if you are involved in any of these common spring accidents.

rusty fence

Rusty Cuts

Rusty garden shears or old fencing are everywhere. If you are not careful and bump yourself and get a small cut with a rusty fence, you should be more worried about the rust rather than the cut.

Tetanus infection is possible and you need to make sure that you are up to date wit your tetanus shot boosters. The first thing you need to do is is to clean the wound to prevent infection and keep an eye on it as it heals. Notice if there is any redness around the wound, pus or cloudy drainage. Also, seek medical help and visit urgent care if the cut has swelled more and if there is pain around the wound or started to have fever.


With being more outdoors enjoying warmer weather, we will all be exposed to dirt, dust and pollen. Protect your eyes when doing yard work and working on projects that involve power tools.

If your eyes are irritated, flush your eyes immediately with water and seek medical help when exposed to chemicals. Immediately flush your eye with water if the irritant is a chemical and seek medical attention. Chemical burns need to be treated swiftly to minimize damage.

Snake Bites


Of course you are not going to capture or kill a snake. But in case you hiking and in the woods and you get a snake bite. Please stay calm if you get bitten by a snake seek medical attention immediately. Even if you’re unsure if the snake was venomous. medical professionals will properly clean the wound and take steps to keep it from getting infected.

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