Urgent Care 1 Team

Our clinics are staffed with experienced Board certified ER, Family practice physicians, surgeons, internists and PA’s. We offer superior high quality medical care.

  • Our Roster Includes Dr. Nasry
  • Dr. Mahfooz
  • Dr. Embree
  • Dr. VandeRoest
  • Dr. Shaker
  • Dr. Harp
  • PA Dabaja
  • PA Aoub

Each clinic is managed by experienced medical assistants. We educate our employees and strive to deliver the best possible service in the best possible time; although, we must admit we are not perfect but we are committed to continuous education and improvement.

Uniform and badges are going to be enforced in all of our clinics.

If you would like to become part of our team as a physician, physician assistant, medical assistant or other please click here to  fill out employment application form

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